by Pitch Instruments Inc.

WinPitchW10 for prosodic research, with on the fly aligner, real-time
spectrograph, multi-tracking F0
analysis, video and audio analysis, and
much more
(Installation password required after 30 days of use).

 WinPitch LTL W8 for language teaching, with all the features of WinPitch Pro plus 
authoring functions to produce and test pronunciation lessons for learners
(Installation password required after 30 days of use).

WinPitch LTL Only a dedicated version for language learners, using pronunciation 
exercises prepared with WinPitch LTL. Includes an automatic aligner for error
detection and prosodic morphing functions (No installation password required).

WinPitch C-Oral-Rom a special version for the C-Oral-Rom corpus analysis (requires 
the presence of the DVD disk included in the book Integrated Reference Corpora for
Spoken Romance Languages
, Cresti and Moneglia ed., 2005, Benjamins).